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Phonemic Awareness Activities Set 5

Gigi the Guide Girl Story Phonemic Awareness Activities

Beginning Sound Game

Tell your child that the following words start with the /g/ sound:  girl, guide and go.  Can he or she tell which of the words in the list below start with the /g/ sound?
         give                     castle
         car                       noisy
         guest                   gate
         got                      garden

Tell your child that the following words start with the /j/ sound:  gentle and geranium.  Play the beginning sound game for the /j/ sound using the word list below.

germ                   ginger
castle                  quiet
sounds                giant
gel                       day



Have your child talk like the Slothful Slowtalker.  Take out the stick puppet and give it to your child.  Say the words on the list below, then have your child say them the way the Slowtalker talks. 

mat                      as
is                         miss
cat                       hat
it                         Sam

Separator Alligator Story Phonemic Awareness Activities

Understanding the Separator Alligator

In this story your child will met the Separator Alligator, who is the final sound awareness character. In listening to words spoken in "Alligator Language," your child begins to get used to hearing how words can be completely segmented. When the child can put those completely segmented sounds immediately back into words, he or she has developed a great deal of phonological awareness. This allows children to go immediately from saying the sounds of a word to recognizing the word while skipping the blending process. When saying sounds like the Alligator, pause about a second between each sound. This keeps the sounds completely separate for your child. The goal for now is for your child to recognize a word spoken in this way. Eventually your child will be able to segment simple words by him or herse

Segmentation Practice

Have your child say his or her name slowly as in the story, while you play the part of the Separator Alligator and tell your child the separate sounds.  Try this with other people's names as well--those of family members and friends, favorite story or television characters, etc.

Dunlap D Story Phonemic Awareness Activities

Ending Sound Game

Tell your child that the following words end with the /d/ sound:  land, had and ground.  (Emphasize the ending sound, and give a hand signal for when to listen.)  Have your child listen for this sound and indicate with thumbs up when he or she hears it.

sound                  word
them                    apart
stood                  doors
good                   head
back                    forward

Beginning Sound Matching

Spread out the letter stick puppets where your child can reach them.  (If you don't have the stick puppets your child can just tell you the letter name). Say each of the words in the list below, having your child touch the letter (or say the letter name) that is the beginning sound for the word that you say.

dog                     get
so                       do
man                     toes
him                      all
only                     sound
king                     is

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